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Right Angle Sports (or RAS), established in 1996, is considered by many experts to be the most successful, respected, and influential college sports handicapping service in the industry. We combine a strong background in informational, fundamental, and subjective analysis with the use of advanced statistical indicators and modeling to produce world class results with fully transparent record keeping. Our edge in the college sports markets is best demonstrated by our consistent long term win rates, the margins by which our plays beat the closing line, and how quickly the entire betting market reacts to our releases.

Number Of Plays

Volume can vary depending on the market, but we have averaged about 14 side plays per week during the first 10 weeks of the last three seasons, and we expect to have comparable volume again this season.

No Write-Ups

Since 2008, RAS CBB side plays have not included write-ups. This decision has been made to improve overall efficiency of the service, allow for more time to be focused on core handicapping, and to prolong the value of certain information and methodolgy that the service utilizes.

Release Times

Release times can vary and are always subject to change depending on market conditions and the timing/availability of handicapping information, among other factors. Please click here for latest released schedule: Current Release Schedule

Priority Delivery of Second Half Plays

RAS handicappers have been posting CBB second half plays for free in a thread at since May of 2009 and on Twitter @RASpicks since 2011 and have generated a record of 180-147 (55.05%) as of 1/11/14. Subscribers of the service will receive these plays via e-mail and/or text message at least 30 seconds before the general public.

Play Delivery

Web Countdown Page - All plays will be released via the web or mobile device with internet at This mechanism ensures all subscribers have equal access to plays as they are released, and it is the fastest and most reliable method available. We strongly recommend using the release page when possible.

E-mail - All plays and advanced warnings will also be sent via e-mail, but delivery time may be subject to delays depending on your ISP, spam filters, and other internet factors.

Text Messaging - Upon request, all plays and advanced warnings will also be sent via text message as they are released. Delay and reliability issues are common for several phone service providers. We do not recommend relying on text message as a primary method for receiving plays.

*All subscribers will receive one login to the countdown page, and simultaneous logins are not permitted.  Subscribers can receive advanced warnings and releases at no more than three (3) e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers, and at least one must be an e-mail address.

Those relying on e-mail or text message to receive plays will be at a disadvantage against those using the release page when competing for best numbers.

Advanced Warnings - A warning notice will be sent via e-mail and text message at least 2 to 5 minutes before any play is released to allow subscribers time to login to and be prepared for the release.

Rating & Grading

Side plays will be rated at 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 units. All plays will be released and graded with a consensus line from major offshore sportsbooks (typically an average of Bookmaker, BetOnline, & Pinnacle) at time of release. All plays will be listed on the Pick Archive page no more than 10 minutes after tip-off for monitoring purposes. *Records of all second half plays will be kept separately and will not be included in the normal season records.

Line Movement

Due to our past success, the strong following of the service, and our focus on smaller markets, it should be expected that lines on all plays will move within 5-20 seconds of release! It is essential to be well prepared to place wagers immediately upon release in order to take full advantage of this service. Failure to do this may result in having to place wagers at lines worse than what we release and grade with, and/or passing some releases, thus losing some if not all edge that the service provides. We recommend experimenting with different sportsbooks (some move lines faster than others) and betting methods (phone/online, etc.) to determine what works best. Do not expect perfect results right away, it may take several attempts to optimize your process. Please review the RAS User Guide for more tips on dealing with line movement.

Line Availability

Not all sportsbooks will post CBB lines at our release time. In order to get full value from this service, make sure you have access to sportsbooks who have CBB lines posted prior to our normal release times.

Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at All inquries will be answered promptly.

Please visit our Order Page for current pricing and subscription options.